New Release: Ethiopia Yukro

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Ethiopia Yukro

What makes Ethiopian coffees so great? Complexity and intensity come to mind. Wild flavors. Juicy notes. Floral aromas.

Yukro checks those boxes in a very transparent and straightforward way. Its dry fragrance is juicy, its wet aroma is floral; flavor notes are a small range and not very complex, but crystal clear: ginger, nectarine, peach. Sweetness is simple and slightly caramel. Body is nearly completely absent, a taste ends just as quickly as it begins. A rush of bright, clean ginger into peach, finishing sweetly and cleanly. A great Spring and Summer coffee.


Green Coffee Information

Importer Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Region Agaro
Woreda Rugento
Union Rugento
Varietal Heirloom
Altitude 1900-2100 masl
Process Washed


Green Sample Analysis 2017.04.25

Sample state / size spot / 210.8g
Green moisture content 10.7%
Green density 0.691g/ml3


Tasting Notes

Trade partner notes yellow nectarine, fresh ginger, dark honey
Sample cupping notes 2017.04.26 ginger, green / white tea, floral, complex, slightly dry, delicate. Possibly a good candidate for the lavender project. Stellar complexity.
Production cupping notes 2017.06.08 fresh ginger, nectarine, peach, peach tea, sweet, clean, bright, intense. Complex in its individual traits.


Roast Profile 2017.06.05

Washed process Ethiopian coffees are generally very straightforward to roast. And because of their inherent complexities, different roast styles can and will yield very different cup tastes. In this case, our sample roast and initial production roasts were very floral, with caramel body, and very dry. Shortening the yellow stage as well as the development stage led to the intense ginger and peach takeover on the flavor notes. The acidity is now dominant to the floral character, and the cup is clean and finishes clear. "Transparent" is a great way to describe this coffee's overall impression. This is our version of a standard declining RoR profile, with a shorter development time and percentage than usually utilized.

Machine Diedrich IR-12
Roast duration 11:03
Finish temp 406.8 F
Development time 109s
Development time ratio 16.4%
Weight loss 13.05%

Roast profile

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